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Repro Justice Walking Tour


JudsonRepro (photo by Emily Raw) and Judson Memorial Church ReproJ Fair, June 7 2014

Lindsay Torrey reading a monologue based on the bio of Margaret Sanger, A Woman of Valor, by Ellen Chesler (photo by Kate Manning), June 7 2014, Tribeca NY

And they’re off!  First group heads out for ReproJ Walking Tour 6/7/14 (photo by Emily Raw)

Gathering for the Walk, June 7, 2014, NYC (photos by Emily Raw)

Lise Brenner Interactive Tour Consultant, Reproductive Justice Walking Tour (photo by Emily Raw)

Stacey Linnartz Artistic Consultant Reproductive Justice Walking Tour (photo by Emily Raw)

Jennica Carmona doing a selection from ‘Elvira’ by Jessica Carmona at a performance site on the Reproductive Justice Walking Tour.  (pic by Jessica Carmona.)

Jessica Carmona Baez, writer and director, at the launch site for the Reproductive Justice Walking Tour, NYC, June 7, 2014.